Charlotte Dumas

Work Horse

Work Horse is an account of the rare horse breeds of Japan on the Southern islands of Yonaguni and Miyakojima, in Nagano and the Northern island of Hokkaido.

The Widest Prairies

The Widest Prairies features the wild horses of Nevada that roam the fringes of the foothills and the residential areas of the desert population.


Featuring the burial horses of Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia USA at night.


This small sized book collects 70 Polaroids made between 2002 and 2012 showing various of my subjects within their different environments including some of their human counter parts.


The Search-and-Rescue Dogs of 9/11

Heart Shaped Hole

Heart Shaped Hole shows 14 portraits of the stray dogs of Palermo in 2008.

Al Lavoro!

A series of portraits of working dogs in Liguria Italy


Paradis is a collection of uncanny portraits depicting dogs, wolves, tigers and horses in captivity.


Close-up photographs of wolves


Portraits from the series Reverie, Palermo 7, Tiger Tiger, Heart shaped Hole, Heart of a Dog and Parade.

Palermo 7

Palermo 7 features 10 race horses from both Paris and Palermo portrayed in 2006. The book contains a fold out poster of one of four the Palermo horses as they appeared in the streets of Palermo during the elections of 2006.


India is a small book featuring an intimate observation of the blind tiger India who lives in a sanctuary in Indiana.

Day is Done

The horses of the Roman Carabinieri a cavallo at rest after work.